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The use of pin boards will transform the drama class

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If you put pin boards on the walls of your drama classroom, you will be able to re-purpose the walls, as well as make your classroom more suited to practising and teaching drama.

Use the pin boards to help build mind maps

When you teach drama at high school, you will study a number of different plays with your different classes. The analysis of each play is based around five dramatic principles. Arrange five pin boards of different colours on one wall of your classroom. Put a card with the name of one of the dramatic principles in the middle of each pin board. For each play you study, work with the students to generate cards with points from the play that link to each of the dramatic principles. Pin these to the relevant pin board, forming a mind map of the results of the analysis of the different principles on each board. These mind maps will stay on the wall, visible for the students during the whole time they study the play. When you move on to a new play, simply remove the details of the mind maps and begin the process of analysis and recording again.

Use the pin boards to display photographs

Children who do drama enjoy performing, but do not have the opportunity to see themselves as different characters in costume and make up. If you take photographs of class exercises and more public performances, these can be  displayed on some of the pin boards in your classroom. This will allow the students to see themselves in performance. You could allocate a few students to select the photographs they want to display and to arrange them on the pin boards. This will give them the opportunity to be as involved as much as possible in their own performances.

Use pin boards to sound proof your classroom

The drama class is often noisy when the learners are doing practical work. They may be practising voice and breathing techniques, or working on different aspects of performance. Unless you are lucky enough to have a dedicated drama space that will not impact on the rest of the school, this may be a challenge. You can use pin boards made out of felt or cork to help to make your classroom more sound proof. If you can, cover as much of the area of the walls of your drama classroom as possible with pin boards and you will create a space that is relatively sound proof.