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Boosting Security on Your French Doors

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French doors are a beautiful addition to your home. Their distinguishing feature is their glass panes that run the entire length of the door and let in light that provides an elegant finish that's often desired in patios and decks. Despite their look, many people often hesitate to acquire them. This is due to the fact that French doors have a number of vulnerabilities that may be exploited by burglars. There is a divide between the two doors that is the weak link of the entire structure, and burglars know this. Additionally, the glass panes may be shattered to provide access. If you own French doors, don't fret, here are some of the ways you can bolster their security.

Use security screens

Security screens are a great option. They protect your French doors from burglars trying to use brute force to bash their way in. This is because many come with high tensile strength stainless steel mesh and a heavy duty frame. The meshing over the glass panes may also come in handy when privacy is desired from prying eyes. Different styles and colours can be applied to the security screen to ensure the aesthetics of your French doors aren't ruined.

Use sturdy materials

The French door is largely made of wood. To enhance their security, use sturdy wood types such as mahogany. You may also increase the thickness of the door.  In this sense, 1 and 3/4 inch doors offer better security than their 1 and 3/8 inch counterparts. Additionally, you may replace your regular glass panes with hurricane-rated glass. Hurricane-rated glass is a great option to bolster your security since it has an extra layer of plastic that helps it resist impact. As the name suggests, it can weather a hurricane, so forced entry isn't that much of an issue. This glass is even able to withstand impact from a sledgehammer and will confound burglars, since it looks just like ordinary glass. Finally, consider adding a steel frame to your French doors to make them much harder to breach.

Install better door security hardware

The hinges on your French doors should have screws that are at least three inches long. This will help keep your door more firmly attached to its frame. Also, use a deadbolt that is at least an inch long so that it's deep enough in the doorframe to withstand powerful blows. Additionally, you may opt for a mortise lock that's actually embedded in the door for extra security. Using a three-point locking mechanism will eliminate the weak point in the middle since the top and bottom parts of the door are also locked.