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Hiding Your TV Antenna: 2 Things You Should Do

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If you have moved into a new home which has just been constructed, it may not have been fitted with a TV antenna. If you want to watch TV, you will need to install some form of an antenna system which will pick up the TV signal and transmit them to your television screen. There are two forms of TV antenna, the interior antenna and the exterior antenna. Unfortunately, both types of antenna can have a negative impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. Below is a guide to the steps you can take to reduce how noticeable a TV antenna is.

Choose the smallest antenna

Interior and exterior antennas come in a range of shapes and sizes. Recent advances in technology have allowed product designers to incorporate smaller circuit boards into their products which means that modern antennas tend to be more compact when compared to older designs. If you are concerned about the impact that an antenna will have when it is installed on the outside of your home or positioned on the inside, you should buy the smallest antenna that you can afford.

Consider the location of the antenna

Next, you should consider the location of the antenna. If you are positioning an antenna on the outside of your home, you should check if it is possible to position the antenna so it is in an area which cannot be easily viewed from the ground. For example, if you were to install an antenna on the rear of the chimney or the side of the property, it will be less visible as people approach your front door. However, you should be aware that an antenna will need to be in a position where it can still receive TV signals from the nearest transmission mast. A professional TV service will be able to advise you on the most discreet location in which you can position the antenna where it will still be able to receive a good signal.

Indoor antennas can be positioned behind the television itself, so they are not visible to anyone else in the room. If you plan to invest in a TV which will be mounted on a wall, you should consider investing in a set which has an inbuilt antenna.

If you would like further advice about the different types of antenna and the ways in which they can be hidden from sight, you should contact a TV antenna installation service.