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3 reasons why you should install your operating system on an external hard drive

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It's no secret that newer computer models are faster, more powerful and more convenient to use. However, one drawback with many newer systems is that they install the operating system on the same drive as your main drive. This means that if your local drive were to be damaged for any reason, both your operating system and your personal data would likely be lost. In addition, you would have to spend much more on a computer repair service to successfully recover your data from the damaged drive.

To avoid this problem, consider installing your operating system on a separate drive from your personal data. This will allow you to still boot into your main drive even if your operating system is damaged. Here are 3 additional benefits of having your OS on a separate drive.

1. You can gain emergency access to your computer via remote booting

As previously mentioned, there are always cases where you may be unable to access your personal data due to a hardware failure or a corrupted drive. In fact, if a corrupted drive affects your operating system, you may be unable to successfully boot into the drive to retrieve your data.

But if you have the OS installed on a separate drive, you can simply connect this drive to your computer and use it to boot into your main files. This is a clever way of having emergency access to your computer in case of any issues.

2. You can troubleshoot operational issues

Another advantage of having your OS on a separate drive is that you can troubleshoot the challenges your main drive is facing. Even with the drive being damaged, you can successfully boot into it and carry out many different types of checks. In fact, if this troubleshooting is done by a computer repair service, you can get to the root of the problem in a short amount of time.

3. You can re-install the operating system after repairs are completed

Having your OS on a separate drive also makes it easier for you to reinstall the system once your main drive is repaired. In many cases, you may need to wipe the data from your internal hard drive and restore it to factory settings. If this is necessary, you can easily reinstall your operating system with minimal hassle, and you'll be back up and running in no time.

Having your OS on a separate drive also makes it possible to create a clone of your internal hard drive. In this way, you minimise the risk of data loss and costly downtime if any issues were to arise. For more information, contact local computer services