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The Mistakes to Avoid During the Installation of a Dry Fire Detection System

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One of the biggest tragedies that can happen to a commercial building is fire damage. A small electrical fault can raze down property worth millions in minutes and even lead to injuries and loss of life. The best way to prevent these sad events is by installing fire detection systems. Dry fire detection systems are different from the regular fire alarm, and for them to be effective, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions during the installation. Read More»

3 reasons why you should install your operating system on an external hard drive

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It’s no secret that newer computer models are faster, more powerful and more convenient to use. However, one drawback with many newer systems is that they install the operating system on the same drive as your main drive. This means that if your local drive were to be damaged for any reason, both your operating system and your personal data would likely be lost. In addition, you would have to spend much more on a computer repair service to successfully recover your data from the damaged drive. Read More»

Drafting Services You Can Offer Online from Home

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One of the key goals that many people have is to be able to work from home. You may be looking for a way to spend more time with family, reduce travel costs to and from work, or work for yourself. If you are in drafting, you might think you won’t be able to work from home. The truth is there are several freelance sites that will allow you to offer your drafting services. Read More»

How Can You Hide Data Cables in Your Office?

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Whether you have a small home office or a giant space in a commercial building, you need data cabling. However, you may not like the aesthetic of cables running all over the place. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can hide your data cables. Take a look at these ideas: 1. Put in Raceways Raceways are small channels made just for data cabling. Basically, these are pieces of plastic that you can fit along the floors or on the walls of your office. Read More»

Want To Cloud Your Company? Why Private Cloud Computing Is Your Best Shot

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Cloud computing has evolved to become one of the most desired technology advancements in business enterprises. The type of cloud computing technology model that you invest in determines how best it will benefit you. Common models include hybrid cloud, public cloud, community cloud, and private cloud. With a private cloud, you will use the cloud infrastructure as well as services on the premises of the enterprise. You can decide to manage it yourself or hire a vendor. Read More»

The use of pin boards will transform the drama class

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If you put pin boards on the walls of your drama classroom, you will be able to re-purpose the walls, as well as make your classroom more suited to practising and teaching drama. Use the pin boards to help build mind maps When you teach drama at high school, you will study a number of different plays with your different classes. The analysis of each play is based around five dramatic principles. Read More»