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Extreme Home Security Systems of the Rich and Famous, and How You Can (Sort of) Copy Them

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It's logical that the wealthy would use extreme home security systems to protect their extreme wealth. The type of security and defense systems on offer are nothing short of amazing, with a price tag to match. The latest must-have home defense product is a fog blast machine that locks intruders in a room before blasting them with knockout gas, handily rendering them unconscious until the police arrive. This is all very well and good for those who can afford such measures, but what about the average homeowner? Most homes don't need such extreme home security measures, but there are a few things to be learned from the home security systems of the rich and famous.

Panic Room

Most people hadn't even heard of a panic room before the 2002 Jodie Foster movie of the same name. Also called a safe room, it's essentially a hidden room inside a home where the occupants can flee to in the event of a home invasion. Equipped with electricity, air supply, and telecommunications independent from the rest of the house, the occupants simply seal themselves inside and wait for the police to arrive. It's an extreme measure, but it's something that makes sense for politicians and dignitaries who might be targeted by terrorists and other nefarious individuals.

What You Can Do: If a home invasion is something that concerns you, you can easily turn your bedroom into a type of safe room. Install a strong lock on your bedroom door and also attach latches to the top and base of the door, which makes it extremely difficult for the door to be broken down.

Command Centre

A command centre is actually quite common in large public buildings and even office buildings. It's a room where security cameras are constantly monitored by guards, who are able to dispatch other guards and contact law enforcement in the event of a threat. Some large private homes also have such a command centre, but of course this requires staffing around the clock.

What You Can Do: There are a number of smartphone apps that allow you to remotely monitor your home. Some of them allow you to activate a camera in your home and stream the footage to your phone. These are most effective when paired with a motion sensor that sends an alert to your phone. You would then activate the camera and see whether something has fallen off a shelf, or if an intruder has broken in.

Flying Attack Robot

This one is absolutely terrifying. An American company has developed a flying drone equipped with a an 80,000 volt stun gun. It works largely independently and turns on when an alarm is triggered. It then takes off and chases the intruder, disabling them using the stun gun. It's not yet available for purchase, since the legality of such a powerful semi-autonomous robot is in dispute.

What You Can Do: It won't fly, and it won't shoot intruders with a stun gun, but a loyal dog is an excellent deterrent against anyone who might be thinking of breaking in.

So while you will hopefully never need a panic room or a flying attack robot, it's comforting to know that there are some very effective ways to protect your home without breaking the bank.