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Tips On Bringing Your Favourite Sounds Outside This Summer

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No outdoor pool party or barbecue on your patio is complete without music.  So how do you customise your hi-fi system so that you and your guests can enjoy your favourite sounds?  Read on for some top tips.

Outdoor speakers

The first component you'll need for your outdoor sound system is some speakers.  You could opt to use portable speakers, but this means taking them outside every time you want some music, and the sound quality tends to be not as good as purpose-built outdoor speakers.

All good audio visual equipment suppliers will have a wide range of suitable outdoor speakers, including some that are cleverly designed to blend in with your outdoor scheme; choose from floral patterns, camouflage designs or even speakers shaped and coloured just like rocks that can be hidden in your flower beds!

Outdoor speakers are made to be fully waterproof, meaning that you won't have to bring them inside during the winter months or on wet days.  However, outdoor speakers tend to be built as passive, which means that they won't work unless you have them connected to an amplifier. So, how do you do this?

Amplification options

Amplifiers are not waterproof and must therefore live inside your house, which means that you will have to establish a connection from your amplifier to your outdoor speakers in order for your hi-fi system to work.

To do this, you'll need to buy an outdoor speaker cable and run it safely through from the amplifier to your speakers.  These cables are designed to be buried underground or run around your patio wall, and they are waterproof.

Once you've set up your amp and speakers, you'll want a convenient way to change your music when you want to.  To save having to go indoors every time you want to change your sounds, a good option is to invest in a remote Sonos system.  This means that you can control your outdoor speakers via the system and choose your tunes via your iPad through your home computer set-up. 

Alternatively, if you don't have a Sonos system, you could use a Bluetooth streamer that would enable you to control your speakers from your smartphone or tablet without having to leave your garden.

In conclusion

Everything you need for an outdoor music system is available from a good audio visual retailer.  Before your next barbecue pool party this summer, why not call in at your local store, such as Tivoli Hi-Fi Pty Ltd, for some more advice on what's available?