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Need a ducted system for awkwardly shaped rooms? 4 features to look out for

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When installing an air conditioning unit in your home or office, you may need a customised solution for awkwardly shaped rooms. Some rooms in your premises may have high ceilings, tight spaces or hidden corners where you would wish to direct enough airflow.

In such circumstances, a regular ducted AC may not get the job done to your anticipated standards. You may need a specially designed ducted system that has unique features to cater to such spaces. For example, your ducted system may need to have fan motors (powered by a direct current), ultra slim pieces for tight spaces or programmable timers for larger rooms.

When selecting a ducted system for awkward spaces, look for the following 4 key features:

1. High temperature operating range

Temperatures across different parts of Australia can fluctuate from low negatives during the winter to over 40 degrees Celsius during the summer. If you have an awkwardly shaped room, you may struggle to keep it cool/warm using a regular AC system.

Therefore, look for ducted units that have a high operating temperature range. The AC unit should remain functional when conditions are freezing (below zero) or when it's hot and humid outside. This will not only prevent discomfort in the room, but it will also ensure that the unit requires less frequent servicing.

2. A unit with precise airflow

When dealing with a room with tight spaces or hidden corners, channelling enough air throughout the space can be challenging. That is why you need a ducted AC system that is capable of delivering airflow with precision.

Each duct and vent should channel air effectively to specific parts of the room, including those areas that are hard to reach.

3. Optimisation for tight spaces

You may also need to install dedicated vents to supply air to hidden corners or tight spaces. These vents should have enough airflow to keep tight spaces cool. A useful option to consider is to install a split system with a slim design. The split system's indoor unit should fit conveniently into a tight space and provide a fresh supply of air. Examples of rooms that may have tight spaces include office cubicles, storage rooms and certain parts of your home.

4. Enhanced controls and customisation

Most importantly, a ducted system for awkwardly shaped rooms should have adequate controls within easy reach. Preferably, the unit should have a digital control system mounted on the wall. You should be able to adjust temperatures, turn the unit on/off and set automated controls from this control panel.

For more information, get in touch with a company that provides air conditioning and refrigeration services.