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Two steps to take if your landline is not working

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If your landline is not working and you know for certain that the problem is not being caused by the phone itself (because, for example, you have replaced it with another phone and this did not resolve the issue), here are some steps that you should take.

Have the nearby telephone poles checked

The first thing you should do is arrange for a company that provides phone services to inspect the telephone poles around your property. These poles can be damaged by strong winds, earthquakes (even small ones) and lightning. As such, if any type of extreme weather or natural disaster has occurred in your area as of late, it is possible that this event inflicted damage on the poles that affected their functionality, which, in turn, rendered your property's phone connection unusable.

If this is the case, it is important to get the pole inspected and (if it is found to be the source of the problem) repaired by a phone service business. It is absolutely vital not to try to examine the pole or fix it on your own (even if the pole is on your private property and you are, therefore, legally entitled to do this), as there are many hazards associated with touching and repairing any type of utility pole.

For example, you could end up falling off the pole whilst attempting to ascend it and then suffer serious head trauma or fractures as a result of this, or you could potentially be electrocuted. Given this, even if the damaged section of the pole is visible and you feel you could repair it, you should still wait for an employee from the phone company to handle this issue.

Arrange for your phone cables to be located and tested for faults

If the inspection of the local telephone poles indicates that they are not causing the problem with your landline connection, then the next step you should take is to call a company that specialises in phone cable locating and fault testing.

Much like the aforementioned inspection of the telephone pole, this task must be performed by a professional, due to the fact that this process requires the use of specialist equipment in order to determine the location of the cables in the ground to which your landline phone is connected.

The company providing this service will use their technology and expertise to find, test and diagnose the problem with your buried phone cables and then recommend a solution to the issue. Reach out to a company such as One Step Ahead Communications to learn more.