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Two steps to take if your landline is not working

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If your landline is not working and you know for certain that the problem is not being caused by the phone itself (because, for example, you have replaced it with another phone and this did not resolve the issue), here are some steps that you should take. Have the nearby telephone poles checked The first thing you should do is arrange for a company that provides phone services to inspect the telephone poles around your property. Read More»

3 reasons why you should install your operating system on an external hard drive

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It’s no secret that newer computer models are faster, more powerful and more convenient to use. However, one drawback with many newer systems is that they install the operating system on the same drive as your main drive. This means that if your local drive were to be damaged for any reason, both your operating system and your personal data would likely be lost. In addition, you would have to spend much more on a computer repair service to successfully recover your data from the damaged drive. Read More»